Moen 5923EWSRS Align Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless

Misconceptions about Touchless Faucets

Sometimes people are reluctant to buy a touchless faucet since they have some mistaken beliefs about how they work or how they run. Some of these are since older faucets had some problems. However modern touchless faucets are easy to use, incredibly sanitary, and have finishes to match nearly every decor. If you discover that you are a victim of one of these misunderstandings about touchless faucets, we hope that we can help set your mind at ease.

  1. Touchless faucets are tough to tidy – when you get a touch faucet you might question how you are expected to clean the thing. After all, if it switches on whenever you touch it, isn’t water going to splash all over? Well, the response is that touchless faucets only respond to a very particular set of imports. For example, if your touchless faucet needs you to touch the neck, then prolonged contact will not activate it. It will only turn on if you gently touch it. Get the faucet, and absolutely nothing will occur.
  1. Touchless faucets are dangerous – this is a common misconception since touchless faucets using an electrical supply to power the sensor and the valves. Nevertheless, your touchless faucet is not connected to a 220 line with a 30-amp power supply. It is usually run off of a set of 6 batteries with a total voltage output of 9 volts. That is not extremely effective and certainly insufficient to cause you any harm.
  2. It is easy to mistakenly activate a touchless faucet – no one likes a high-water cost, which is where this misconception comes in and carries a great deal of weight. After all, if your cat can trigger your faucet to turn on whenever it likes, what is to stop it from turning the faucet on and letting the water run until you’re confronted with a $1,000 water bill? Initially, most touchless faucets have a built-in timer. When activated through the touchless system, they will run for a few minutes at most. Second, as discussed previously, it takes a specific input to activate a touchless sink. Your feline simply brushing up against your faucet is not going to activate it.

1. Easy to Use

The Moen Align Pulldown Kitchen Area Faucet is designed to give you a totally different and comfy experience. It is simple to trigger utilizing its MotionSense Wave Sensor– you can turn the faucet on with simply a wave of your hand. The spout has a height of 22.5 inches with a 10-inch flexible spray head reach to help you tidy in all possible instructions. Just take down the pipe, angle it where you wish to direct the circulation, and wave to trigger it!

2. Color Variations

The Moen 5923EWSRS Align Faucet is available in 4 perfect and dynamic surfaces: Spot Resist Stainless, Black Stainless, Chrome, and Matte Black. All these surfaces are designed to provide your faucet an elegant look to match any sort of kitchen interior. If you are upgrading your cooking area, you must think about the color variations that Moen needs to offer.

3. MotionSense Wave Technology

The faucet includes brand-new MotionSense Wave technology, which permits you to turn the faucet on and off with a single wave of the hand. The feature is enabled due to a single sensing unit put inside the faucet. The touchless activation suggests that you can clean your dishes rapidly and quickly. Not to mention, no more distressing about slippery hands when attempting to use a faucet!

4. Effective Dual Functional Spray

Another reason that individuals find this item so beneficial is its dual water circulation innovation. You can select between a powerful spray or a structured flow according to your benefit. The Power Clean innovation works on days when you want to clean the entire kitchen area without excessive trouble.

Further, the circulation from this spray head is extremely concentrated and you can direct it towards specific areas to prevent creating an unneeded mess. The stream is 50% more effective and accurate than that of conventional faucets So, you don’t need to handle a slopping wet kitchen area after you’re finished with your tasks. The single lever is pretty effective for a simple cleaning and washing experience, also.
5. Easy Installation

This faucet from Moen is likewise pretty simple to set up. Its Duralock Quick Connect System indicates that it takes just a couple of minutes to establish the whole package. You can install the faucet yourself with no significant problems.


1. Somewhat Expensive

Moen is one of the costliest brand names in the market today. The device is a high-end model and costs a bit more than other faucets in the market. Nevertheless, the heavy price tag is justified by the exceptional style of the item. The innovation utilized in the gadget means that it has professional features that give it a distinctive identity. It is very important to remember that a faucet like this is a financial investment! Therefore, you can save cash in the long-run. If there’s a problem, you can also utilize the lifetime limited warranty without ever worrying about requiring to spend for repairs.


This Moen faucet is an outstanding option whether you are setting up a brand-new cooking area or updating your existing kitchen. With the capability to be set up in both a single and three-hole sink, the versatility of this faucet is attractive. If you are still shopping, however, then we have several other reviews for touchless faucets that you may have an interest in. Also, we have a full-featured purchasing guide that will assist stroll you through the steps and whatever you require to know when looking for that perfect touchless faucet. Let us help you make your kitchen area ideal.

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